AI Paraphrasing Tool

AI SEO Paraphraser

Our AI-based paraphrase generator can rephrase your writing by selecting the most suitable words.

You can choose from three advanced settings to paraphrase any text online in various ways. Our product enhances your fluency and ensures that you use the right vocabulary, tone(four tones), and style for every situation. Just input your text, and our AI will assist you in rephrasing your sentence at your fingertip.

Frequently asked questions about the free paraphrasing tool

What is Writery AI?

Writery AI employs artificial intelligence to assist with SEO writing. Our rephrase tool can revise language, rephrase text, generate abstracts, enhance sentence structure, and perform other functions.

What does the "Advanced" option mean?

There are three options for you to choose from: Expand, Shorten, and Extremely Shorten. 'Expand' means expanding a short sentence or a few words into a long sentence. 'Shorten' means compressing long sentences to fewer lines.'Extremely Shorten' means compressing long sentences as few lines as possible.

How do I use the rewording tool?

Input your sentence or paragraph, select one from the "Advanced" option and then click a paraphrasing level button (Conservative/Standard/Medium/Creative) below. Your text will be immediately rephrased with minor modifications, word substitutions, and even phrase rewrites while maintaining the original meaning and context.

What are the four levels that the online paraphrasing tool shows?

Choose the level of paraphrasing (Conservative/Standard/Medium/Creative) based on how much you want your text to be rewritten. For maximum changes, select 'Creative' which is the most creative/unpredictable.

The Paraphraser's key features

Advantages Details
Safe & Flexible Your data is encrypted and you could decide whether or not to upload it for backup purposes.
Rephrase sentences Paraphrasing can be done at different levels, from conservative to creative. Conservative paraphrasing involves sticking closely to the original text, while standard paraphrasing uses common language and structure. Medium-level paraphrasing involves making some changes while still maintaining the overall meaning, and creative paraphrasing completely rewords the text in a unique way.
Free for use Free to use the best paraphrasing tool with no registration or sign-up process required.